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Landscape & Nature Photographic Adventure -

Caer Rhun Hall, Conwy Valley.


Enjoy a 2 night break in the beautiful and exclusive Grade II listed Caer Rhun Hall whilst taking in the stunning scenery of Dyffryn Conwy, the Conwy Valley in North Wales.   We will take you on a photographic journey teaching you the very fundamentals of cameras, lenses and photography.  We will help you to understand artistic composition, sharpness and post-processing techniques to produce that top quality image you will want to print.  Tips & tricks in wildlife, nature and landscape photography will be freely given as we progress through the day.  You can bring any digital camera but we recommend a good bridge style as a miminum, also bring a tripod if you have one.


Caer Rhun Hall is a beautiful building and lies in a spectacular location, surrounded by 20 acres of grounds deep in the heart of the Conwy Valley.  Practise your photographic techniques and ideas you have gained at Caer Rhun and then we will take you on a trip to a local conservation area and into the stunning region of Snowdonia to seek out the best scenes of landscape & nature.  Transport will be provided.


To encourage your artistic flow, there will be an evening lecture on the history of art describing the various periods since before Roman times, right through to the discovery of photography and the digital revolution.  This will help you to understand where some of our appreciation for art and imagery has come from and highlights key artists throughout the ages.


Morning mist in the Conwy Valley, taken from Sychnant Pass

Long Tailed Tit

Carneddau Pony, an ancient breed still surving in the mountains of North Wales.

View of Conwy from Conwy Mountain

A beautiful sunset scene at Breakwater Country Park, Anglesey.

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