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North Wales Little Tern Group

TEST SITE for TernCAM 23

Please Read: 

This is currently the Test Site for the Little Tern Season 2023 and should be operating properly in early May.

Best To Click on the Watch on Youtube Button bottom left and watch within Youtube.

The camera will normally be active from approx. 9:00am to 7:00pm but may occasionally be on later.  Click on the central white triangle to access the live camera.  If it does not appear on your device try clicking on the 'Watch on Youtube®' link or the 'NWLTG Test' link above which takes you to the live camera on Youtube®.  Once on Youtube® click the central white triangle to go live.


Apologies if the camera is not running when you come to this site.....please check again later.  See below.

The Little Tern Cam is being run on a volunteer basis with equipment funded by the North Wales Little Tern Group.  We would recommend a tablet device for the best experience and using the YouTube® link by clicking on the 'Watch on Youtube® link'.

If you'd like to support the group with volunteer work or donations, please go our website  or  Facebook page

The Youtube video stream URL may change from time to time so please return to this site to find the new stream.  We will try to keep the webcam running as much as possible so please check in again later if it's not working now.   The maximum resolution of the video is currently 720p at 60 frames/second. You can make sure this is set correctly by clicking on the settings (cog icon) once you can see the live camera.  Go to 'Quality' and make sure the quality is set to 'Auto 720p60' for the best image.

Being a remote site on the dunes and shingle beach we are using a 4G mobile signal for connection and solar energy for all power.  If the 4G mobile signal drops for any reason the video will go blank. As soon as the signal returns, the video should restore itself.  Otherwise we will reconnect when convenient to do so.  The signal can be affected by poor weather (rain/mist) and during busy periods (local calls sharing the same signal) so it may need reconnecting on occasion.  Some days are far worse than others!

Please also note:  All filming at the Gronant Dunes site is controlled by a Schedule 1 License issued to Denbighshire County Council by Natural Resources Wales.

Thank You.

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